Soffits are located under the over hang of your roof edge. Soffits are a very important part of of a house that can be easily over looked. Many homes do not have adequate ventilation that can cause ice damming problems and excess condensation or moisture in the attic which can cause mold. Soffits act as an air intake.  They allow  air into a homes attic space which is then released through roof vents near the peak of the roof. 

Fascia is the portion that covers the board behind the eavestrough and the gable ends. Not only do they finish
off the look of soffit, but they protect the board behind them. Fascia is used with soffit to complete the overall appearance of your home. 

Some of the other benefits of Soffit & Fascia Repairs:

Improved Attic Ventilation (helping regulate heating & cooling, year round)
Prevention of mold
Reduced energy consumption
Improved structural integrity
Lengthened lifespan of roof
Better protection from external hazards (rodents, insects, weather)


All eavestroughs made by White Knight Contracting use aluminum colours from local suppliers to match the house colour scheme. Aluminum is the superior metal use for eavestrough applications because it is strong, light and doesnt rust. Also, since the Eavestroughs are manufactured without any seams, there is very little chance they will ever leak.  We use a hidden bracket system to hang our Eavestroughs that are always screwed as opposed to being nailed. This makes for a much more secure Eavestrough. 

At White Knight Contracting all of our Eavestroughs are made on site.We manufacture both

5inch and 6inch 




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